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Nick Sinckler

His artistic adventure began in New York, where he had the opportunity to work with excellent musicians representing the soul &r’n’b genre. Among them were such personalities as Ari Gold, Paradise.

He became known to the Polish audience by participating in the well-known TV show Star Factory, where he reached the finals. Shortly after the program, Nick released the single Feel This Love, it is his voice that we hear on the intro in the well-known music program The Voice of Poland. Nick creates music, and participates in many artistic projects, collaborating with Polish musicians: Kayah, Natalia Kukulska, T-Love, Blue Cafe, Wet Fingers, Gromee, DJ Inox, MacLaro.

April 2018 brought the release of Nick’s new album called 11×11. The album is entirely in Polish, with guest singers including Natalia Kukulska. Since 2017, he has been a juror in the music show on Polsat ‘Let’s Sing Together All Together Now’.

In 2021, together with Kayah, he released a new single ‘Kochaj różnym być’ which culminated in a joint club tour in major Polish cities. In March of this year, he released an album in the form of Live session ‘ Groove Vibez’ & Funky Delight’ on which Kayah, Sound’n’Grace and Brian Fentress made guest appearances.

On 1.09.2023 he embarks on a tour to promote the new material.
Also on 1.09.2023 Nick begins his adventure in the TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar


Previously, singles promoting the new chapter in Nick’s work have already been released. Soul Clap, Livin It Up, Emotions, To The Top.

The live session which can be heard from 15.05 on all streaming platforms and additionally viewed on yt is already promoted with several tracks with special guests whom Nick had the pleasure to host in the studio. The first guest is Kayah, with whom Nick has worked for many years and they have already co-created several projects together. The second guest was Brian Fentress with a beautiful, deep voice, who, like Nick, flew from the States to Poland many years ago. Kayah and Brian appear on the song ‘Love to be different/ Every Kind Of Love’, which is played and sung in a completely new arrangement especially for the project. Nick’s final musical guest is the Sound’n’Grace choir. The song they sang together with Nick had been lying in a drawer for more than 10 years because that’s when Nick and S’n’G’s Anna Zaczek-Biderman and Kamil Mokrzycki first talked about singing it together.

The live session project was also attended by a small audience of friends, which added a special touch. Guests listened to the concert through headphones exactly as they would at a silent disco.

The producer of the live session is Michal Kubasiewicz, Nick’s manager by day. The publisher is Music Mind, a small label founded a few years ago by Nick and Michal for the purpose of releasing their own music.
Piotr Gozdek, the band’s day-to-day sound engineer, is responsible for the concert production and mixing and mastering.

The studio version of the album is already scheduled for album release in the Autumn of 2023.


Your Face Sounds Familiar


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